Arsenal, my favorite football (the one which you actually play with you feet), have been going through a slight dip in form lately. With 3 of our best 4 midfielders out injured, the team’s struggling to click, and it just isn’t going for them.

My personal take on what’s going wrong? Playing Diarra and Gilberto in the center of midfield together. These are two defensive midfielders, who do a similar job. And they offer nothing going forward. There’s a lack of creativity. And a lack of options and variety to our play. Because the two players are so similar, the partnership does not work.

For those of you who aren’t football fans, my apologies. But there are lessons here for all of us. In all teams, there needs to be variety. Having people doing the same thing doesn’t help the cause. A team works best when everyone is doing their own thing, and complementing each other. So don’t try to do what other people are doing, but do your own thing. And it also highlights the importance of creativity. The players have decent technique, they can do the job well, but they lack the creativity to get out of tough situations. And that’s why Arsenal are losing, in my opinion.

Creativity is so important. We’ll definitely find ourselves in tough positions once in a while. And creativity is essential to get out of it.

How are you complementing the people around you? And how are you finding creative solutions to get out of your problems?