The French phrase “aujourd’hui”┬ácame from the Old Latin phrase “hoc die”. Then it evolved, becoming hodie” -> “hui” -> “au jour d’hui” -> “aujourd’hui”.

It’s important to note that the evolution started with destruction –┬áloss of syllables of “hoc die” to “hodie” to hui”. Only from that point of destruction, did the combination of other things take place and lead to the creation of a new word.

Creation and destruction often go hand in hand.

We see this everywhere.

Sculptures come from chiseling away blocks of stone, so that what remains is a beautiful work of art.

Cooking happens only after you cut off a part of a plant or animal, and place it over heat to break it down further. Once it’s broken down, that’s when the flavors come alive and fuse with other ingredients. But it starts from breaking down your ingredients first.

If we want to create – to make something beautiful, different, new – often, we have to start from breaking down what’s already there.