I’m happy to announce that this blog, Sui Generis, has been awarded the Outstanding New Blog award by OrbitNow. It’s the first award I’ve gotten, and the badge is displayed on the sidebar as well.

Here is a full list of recognized ON Blogs:

  • About Every Little Thing by Lis
  • Abundance Journal by Belle Wong (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Angela Maiers by Angela Maiers
  • Attitude, Ultimate Power by Mel Kaye
  • C is for Corrie by Corrie Haffly
  • Confident Writing by Joanna Young
  • Continuum Wellness by Catherine
  • Creatorship by Barbara Sliter
  • Employer Ease by Carl Lingen
  • Get Fresh Minds by Katie Konrath
  • How To Be An Original by Lodewijk van den Broek
  • Innovating to Win by Jim Todhunter
  • Lead Quietly by Don Frederiksen
  • Litemind by Luciano Passuello
  • Moment on Monday by Art Dinkin
  • My Beautiful Chaos by April Groves
  • Rooms of My Heart by Trinity
  • Runners Lounge by Amy Hunold-Van Gundy and Tom Green
  • Sui Generis by Derrick Kwa
  • Tamara by Tamara Dull
  • The Happy Burro by Joe Raasch
  • The Road Map by Ron Bland
  • ThoughtSparks by Phil
  • Wendy Piersal by Wendy Piersal
  • Yap 3.0 by Robin Yap
  • Your Human Experience by Paula Kawal
  • ZoomStart by Shane Navratil
  • It’s a great honor to be awarded this, and to be mentioned alongside these great bloggers. I highly suggest you check out the other blogs, if you haven’t.

    Thanks to all you guys out there who’ve helped me in my journey so far. To all the friends who’ve helped me along – Chris Brogan, Sarah Deutsch, Peter Haslam, Phil Gerbyshak and many others. And most importantly, to you, my readers. I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without you. It’s your feedback and presence that keeps me going.

    Thanks! =).