This blog is as much about you as it is about me. And I’m no expert in a lot of this. So from now on, I’ll be doing a new feature every weekend, “Your Turn”. It’s something that’s been done on some other blogs, and something I gave a try last week. Every Saturday, I’ll post a topic, or a conversation starter. And well, I would like you to make the comments section into your blog for the day. You don’t necessarily have to follow the topic I posed. Just feel free to express yourself.

So from now on, every weekend, it will be Your Turn. Your turn to share your thoughts. And besides, it will give me a bit of time off, which will hopefully help me write better posts on the weekdays.

Today’s topic: Culture. What is culture to you? How important is culture? Should it be permanent, or evolve with time? If the latter, how can we go about changing or improving the culture we’re in?

Remember, the comment section is YOURS. So if you want to write about other things, feel free to. The topic is just something to get you thinking, in case you don’t have any ideas what to write about. It’s not meant to restrict what you write. And make full use of the threaded replies and subscription features that the Intense Debate comment system provides, to make this conversation as meaningful as possible.