Craig Childs poses the question: What if your mind was a garden?

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The use of a garden as a metaphor for the mind works because it indicates the need for growth and maintainance. If your mind were a garden how would you keep it functioning? What would you plant? Does much grow or is it overrun with weeds?

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Good questions. To keep a garden growing you need fresh water constantly. You need to cut out the unnecessary weeds that take away from the plants. Similarly, I think to keep your mind functioning, you have to keep getting new information, and keep learning new things. You also need to focus and take out anything that distracts.

Now my questions to add on to the metaphor. I think most garden owners (in Singapore there aren’t that many gardens, so I don’t really know) wish to be special, to win garden shows, etc. If your mind was a garden, would you want it to be just like any other garden? Or would you want it to be special – a garden so beautiful that it brightens the day of anyone passing by, that breathes life and inspiration to all around it? Wouldn’t you want your garden to be a “best in show” garden? I would.