Almost every time the topic of my quitting school comes up, I get asked whether I’m working. It seems almost as if I’m either schooling or working, and there’s nothing else possible for me to be doing.

Why is it that people assume that you either have to be schooling or working? And if I say I’m doing neither, I get strange responses. There’s so much to be done outside school and work. There’s so many opportunities, so much to be explored and learned. Especially at my age, where I don’t have the burdens of supporting anyone financially.

What have I been doing since I quit school? A number of things. I’ve been blogging. And it’s been an awesome journey, meeting new people online, reading new interesting things. I’ve learned a lot from blogging. Above that, I’ve participated in Reel Revolution 2007, a video-essay competition. I’ve also attended a Young Entrepreneurs Networking Session, and I’m going for a youth discussion forum this Saturday. And I’m in discussions about a web project that I’m thinking of starting. All this has been an amazing journey. It’s allowed me to discover new things, try things I’ve never really done, and meet inspiring people. And none of this involves school, or a job. Yes, I’m working part time, and taking a part time diploma. But I’ve gained as much (or maybe more) from the other things I’ve pursued.

There’s so much more other than working and schooling.

What about you? What are you doing in your life? What experiences are you having?