Cultivate Greatness tells us that You Become Who you Hang Around.

Even if we don’t really live by it, it’s something we all know at the back of our minds, I think.

But reading it, just made me think. Maybe that’s why so many of us are willing to just settle for the status quo. In a world where the majority of the people are willing to just march in line, chances are, the people you hang around with are people like that. And it influences you to be that way. Not many of us have the opportunity to hang around innovators and visionaries.

The opportunities to “hang around” innovators and visionaries and people who challenge the status quo are increasing greatly. With the internet, it’s very possible to connect with these people. Yeah, it isn’t as good as physically hanging around, but the influence is there. You can email people like Chris Brogan, Scott H Young, etc. People who think creatively and who challenge ideas and are willing to step out to make a difference. Even Seth Godin has replied to my emails. It’s becoming easier to talk to great thinkers, and you can gain a lot from doing so.

My suggestion? Go search for creative, unique, innovative thinkers and get in contact with people. Hang around them. And you’ll probably become more like them as well.