Thats’ a question that Phil Gerbyshak asks in his blog post. If you don’t know the answer to that, here’s my post on how to find your passion.

For me, I think my passion is in people. Connecting with people, making the right relationships, inspiring (or attempting to inspire) people. Basically just impacting the lives around me in any way. I feel the most alive (and the happiest) when I get to meet up with people and just spend time with them.

And part of being passionate about people is wanting people to be authentic and true to themselves. That’s the most obvious (at least from this blog) effect of my passion. The value of people is in everyone being different, everyone having something unique to offer. So I try my best to get people to be true to themselves and not just settle for what society asks.

I hope that made sense. What about you? What’s your passion?