Waving the white flag is an international sign of surrender. You guys probably all already know that. The purists will say that it’s a symbol of truce, not surrender. But most of the time, the person waving it is the weaker party, and as such it’s become accepted as an international symbol of surrender.

Its meaning is “the symbol itself, not the flag”, as Word Flags 101 puts it. We’ve seen white “flags” made out of a whole variety of things.

What strikes me is the color of the flag. White. White normally represents purity or cleanliness. To me personally, white represents something of a fresh start. Like a blank white piece of paper, on which anything can be written.

Don’t see waving the white flag (surrendering) as giving up. It’s a way to start afresh. And sometimes to start afresh, you need to surrender to whatever has already happened. Instead of constantly trying to fight a battle you can’t win, sometimes it’s better to surrender and start afresh, in a new battle. One that you can win.

What situations are you in now where you would be better off waving the white flag?