As many of you probably know, many birds fly in a v-formation during migration.

In the v-formation, the bird at the front of the V does the most work. It reduces the resistance for the rest of the birds, and thus makes it easier for the other birds to fly. The birds tend to take turns being at the front in order to reduce fatigue.

We can learn a couple of lessons from the birds. Firstly, when you’re the first to fly, you often have to do more work. If you’re the first to do something, it might be harder for you. But it will leave a legacy behind and make it easier for everyone following. It only takes one bird at the front to make flying easier for a lot of birds following it. It only takes one person to make a difference and make the world better for many others.

Secondly, the birds take turns being at the front. We shouldn’t always depend on a fixed person to be at the forefront, to lead innovation. We shouldn’t depend on the Steve Jobs of the world to be the ones to innovate, to lead, to make a difference. There’s nothing special about the bird at the front of the V. It’s just a normal bird which is willing to do the extra work to make it easier for the rest of the group. You can be the lead as well. You too can make a difference. It only requires you to step up and put in the extra bit of effort.

Will you take that step?