Yes, technology is much more advanced today. Yes, we have so much available to us. But yet, there is a case for this century being a very miserable one. gives us 7 reasons why the 21st Century is making you miserable. It’s all about relationships. With the “global communication” tools available, many of us have less closer friends, and are a lot lonelier. We are physical creatures, and the internet, as good as it is, can’t fully replace the physical interactions we need. It’s a problem many of us know about, but yet, it’s something that few people overcome.

As much as I think it’s good to meet people and connect with people through the internet, we need to merge those connections with real life, physical ones. Online connections are so much more meaningful when they are brought to the personal, physical realm (which is why I’m incorporating things like the Jajah widget for you to call me). And real life friends are even more important and irreplaceable. I myself stand testament to that. My friends have helped me through so much. Even today, just the support and encouragement of a friend helped me so much. Just knowing that she was there to listen and support me, it really encouraged me. It cheered me up and made my day in a way that an online connection can never do.

So for today, I suggest you go out, and spend some time connecting with your real life friends. Instead of spending time with your Facebook network, spend some time with your real life social network. It’s very worth it.

Link via – Why 21st Century is Making You Miserable