US News reports that talking with others may make you smarter.

I love that scientist have finally proven this, and I think it’s a great study. I’ve always written and talked about how important relationships and people are, how valuable communication is, and now, I finally have actual scientific backing.

But of course, who you talk to is just as important. Apparently, scientists have also shown that men tend to act dumber when around blondes. This really shows two things. Firstly, that who you’re talking to is important. If you’re talking to someone you think is dumb, it probably not help you. And secondly – a bit unrelated to this post’s topic, though – it shows the power stereotypes have on us. But I’ll save that for another post.

On a side note, for you students out there, the next time your teacher tells you off for talking in class, maybe you can point him to this article. After all, talking with people does just as much for you intellectually as something like a reading comprehension. I can’t guarantee your teacher will buy it, though.

What conversations are you taking part in today? Who are you talking to?

Links via – Talking with Others Makes You Smarter and Blondes Makes Men Act Dumber