As an Arsenal fan, this is a bit of a tough post to write. But credit where credit is due. So, congratulations to Manchester United for winning the Premier Leaugue. They were pushed to the end by Chelsea, but came out on top.

And the thing about Machester United is, they always go for the win. They take risks. It shows in the results. They’ve lost more than Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool have. But they’ve also won more (and drawn much less). Those results go to show that they don’t hold back. They take the risk and go for it. And the end result is that they won the league.

Just goes to show the value of taking risks. It’s not about how many you lose. It’s about how many you win. It pays to take more risks – you might lose more, but you’ll win more as well. And at the end of the day, you’ll come out on top.