The EPL – The Best League in the World?

Aug 26, 2008
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Whether it’s the best is debatable, but the English Premier League is undoubtedly the biggest league in the world. It has the most fans, the most money involved, etc.

But why? Especially when the English League can be said to lack the flair and individual skill of the Spanish Primera Liga, as well as the tactical discipline of the Serie A.

What the Englihs League has, however, is passion. It’s known to be faster and more intense than any other league. The players are known for always giving their best, and there is (arguably) more passion surrounding the game than in any other country.

Perhaps people don’t truly care about tactics and technique that much? While they do matter, could it be that passion and intensity sells (to the masses) more?

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Strategy above Tools

Jun 26, 2008

Slightly over a week ago, France were knocked out of the Euro 2008 Championships. Personally, I’m not really surprised, but there are some who were, and understandably so.

On paper, the French have a great team. They should be good enough to match any other squad. They’ve got the likes of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Karim Benzema, Frank Ribery , Saloman Kalou, the list goes on. On paper, they’ve got really talented players.

So why am I not surprised that they failed? Because of their manager, Domenech. Yes, I don’t have his experience, and it’s a lot easier to criticize from here. But that said, he does not seem to know his best team. He doesn’t seem to have been able to build a good atmosphere within the team. And his tactics have been criticized by both past and present players.

I’m not really sad to have seen France go out of the tournament, but it does serve as a lesson for us. It’s not just about the talent you have at your disposal. It’s about how you manage it, and how you plan and make use of what you have – people, tools, anything.

Your strategy is just as, if not more, important than the tools.

How are you using the things you have?