Lessons from Soccer

Jan 29, 2008

Just came back from playing soccer. I played better than I have in quite a while, and I think that’s because of the team I played with today. Two things about the team.

Firstly, their style of play suited me perfectly. The pass-and-move game is what I do best, and the team today played that really well. I didn’t have to change my style of play at all, I blended in perfectly with the team. We complemented each other well.

Secondly, the team was very relaxed. Even when we made individual errors, nobody sulked or blamed each other. We just laughed it off and continued. That relaxed air meant that I, personally, was less afraid of making mistakes then usual. And that allowed me to express myself more, and allowed me to play better.

Two simple lessons, but with really significant impact. Surround yourself with people who complement you. And enjoy what you’re doing, don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

If you do that, you’re much more likely to succeed, in my opinion. What do you think?