Adding Value to Rubber Bands

Feb 27, 2008

A few days ago, Robert Scoble asked the question of how you can add value to rubber bands.

I think it’s a great thought experiment, and some interesting ideas have been thrown up. But more than anything, it’s a great example of how, with some creativity, opportunities can be found everywhere.

Even a simple rubber band can be valuable, when used in innovative ways.

New Skills

Feb 21, 2008

An wiki about Obsolete Skills has recently been started, inspired by Robert Scoble. The wiki is a list of skills that used to be useful, but aren’t that useful anymore. It’s an interesting list, worth checking out.

Part of the wiki, though, is a (much shorter) list of new skills, that weren’t necessary in the past, but are today. This is what catches my eye most. And the question that I want to ask is, do you think these new skills should be taught in school more?

Maybe not all should. But I do think that skills like maintaining online identity are getting more and more important, and the formal education system should do a better job of teaching these skills. What do you think?