Marketing Principles

Jan 20, 2008

Mitch Joel wrote an interesting post about Presentation Zen yesterday. But what really caught my eye in the post was this.


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Presentation Zen wins as a must-have book for every Marketer because the best insights come from Garr’s perspective on uncovering your own creativity, how to plan a presentation, how to craft the story (and even how to find the story) along with great concepts on story boards and core presentation skill principles. Garr spends a chunk of time writing about how the concepts from the book, Made To Stick – Why Some Ideas Survive And Other Die, by Chip and Dan Heath are core to a successful presentation. Presentation Zen is superbly organized, clear and has tons of key Marketing insights.

A book on presentations with key Marketing insights? How so?

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That post, especially the question, got me thinking. And it made me realize, just how much of what we do everyday is marketing. Marketing principles and lessons can be found and applied in almost everything. Seth Godin made the point in “Meatball Sundae” about how a lot of business decisions – things that can be seen as management decisions – are really marketing decisions.

I think that can be extended to the rest of our lives, can’t it?