How to Fall

Nov 5, 2008

Here’s what has to say about falling on a skateboard.

The biggest thing is, when you fall, try to NOT use your hands to catch yourself. This might be kind of hard to learn, but if you lose your board and you are going to smash into the ground, you should try and let your shoulder and body take it, rolling with the blow as much as you can. Catching yourself with your hand is a great way to break a wrist, and while wearing wrist guards can protect you from this, it’s dangerous to get used to using your hands, because at some point you will skate without the wrist guards …

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Let me repeat that. The biggest thing to remember when falling is NOT to try and catch yourself from falling. If you try too hard to resist it, you’re more likely to get hurt even more badly. Instead, go with it, try to roll into the fall. Let the momentum of the fall take you where it wants to, and just position yourself so that you’ll be able to get up and move on.

I think that’s great advice for all aspects of life, don’t you?