Why I like Identi.ca

Jul 10, 2008

There’s a lot of Twitter ‘clones’ and competitors coming to the fore lately. A few weeks ago, it was Plurk (which as you might know, I’m not really a fan of). Now, the biggest buzz is Identi.ca. And this time, I am a huge fan of it. It’s been around for a week or so, but I just haven’t had the time to write about it until now.

Why do I like Identi.ca? It’s not about the featueres, though that’s rapidly improving. I like the ideas and principles behind it. It’s a push for openness. We all know that free markets are better than closed ones. That holds true for the online world as well.

And that’s why I’m really in support of Identi.ca. I think the push for openness is really important, and the possibilities of openness – imagine a world where Twitter, Plurk, Pownce and Jaiku can work with each other – is something I look forward to.

So, you can find me on Identi.ca. As always, my username is derrickkwa. Feel free to connect with me over there.