The Person Behind the Performances

Sep 3, 2008
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There are a lot of people questioning Robinho’s move to Manchester City, saying he chose the club for the money. One of the ESPNStar analysts was even saying that Chelsea should be happy that they didn’t get the player, because that isn’t the type of person they would want.

It is undeniable that on the pitch, Robinho is a great player, but the analyst’s point was basically that there is more to the player than that. The club isn’t just getting the player, they are getting the person.

The lessons and thoughts behind this go beyond soccer, though. The same holds true in any company or organization. When you’re hiring somebody, when you’re working with someone, it’s not just about performance. Who the person is is just as important.

It’s not just what a person does (or can do). It’s who he is.

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Get on with it

Feb 4, 2008

Yesterday’s Arsenal – Manchester City match demonstrated a really good lesson.  It was 2-1 to Arsenal, and Manchester City were pushing forward for the equalizer. On a quick counter attack late in the game, Arsenal scored a third, to seal the win. Adebayoor broke away, played the ball, and was brought down. Play went on because the ball went to Fabregas, who continued the move. Adebayoor just got up, and supported the move. The ball broke to him, and he scored.

He could have very well stayed down, and asked for the free kick, or feigned injury. It was a foul, after all. But he didn’t. He got up, got on with it, and scored.

I think that’s something we all can learn. Sometimes we get knocked down. Sometimes unfairly. We can stay down and complain about it. Or we can get up, and get on with it. If you do the latter, you’ll probably be rewarded for it.

It’s a tough thing to do, and something that I’m learning myself. But it’s a worthwhile lesson, I think.

How do you bring yourself to just get on with it when circumstances go against you?