Dec 15, 2008

I’ve been thinking about Arsenal’s season so far. It’s been a tough season, for sure. The team hasn’t performed as well and as consistently as the fans would like.

Here’s what I think is missing from Arsenal’s current team: match winners. A player (or players) who can make something out of nothing. A player who can produce one moment of magic and win a game for his team when things are tough. A player who steps up and makes things happen.

Manchester United have many players who are capable of that – Ronaldo, Rooney, even Giggs and Scholes. Liverpool have the likes of Torres and Gerrard. Chelsea have Lampard, Drogba, perhaps Deco.

That’s what Arsenal lack. A player with that quality. The technical ability in the team is there, there just isn’t that one magic player who you can count on to make things happen when things get tough.

That’s the essence of leadership, in my opinion. And it’s important in any organization, company or team. No matter what you’re doing, you need leaders. Not managers, but leaders – who take initiative to drive the team forward.

Those leaders, the people who make things happen, can bring the group to a whole new level.

Are you leading?

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