Ever Dream of Being a Janitor?

Dec 7, 2008

Few of us would even consider that as a possibility. But John Andersen did, and he shares the joys of janitorhood.

His is a great example of someone who’s doing what he loves, not for the money, but because of passion, and because of the fulfillment it gives him.

John writes:

It’s just that before you dismiss a career because you think it’s beneath your abilities, it sometimes makes sense to investigate further. Look inside yourself. You may find like I have, that something as “lowly” as janitorhood can be a hidden gem, a key to unlocking the door to a rich and fulfilling lifestyle, the likes of which you had never before dreamed possible.

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Are you overlooking hidden opportunities around you?

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Looking for “Butterfly Hunters”

Oct 31, 2008

Last year, I posted about the book “The Butterfly Hunter“.

As I said then, it’s a book that really resonates with me, and fits in with my blog topic. As such, I’m looking to connect with people who are “butterfly hunters”. Not in the literal sense of catching insects. But people who have taken the risk to go off the beaten path and pursue their callings. People who love what they do, whose jobs are part of who they are.

Does that sound like you? Or someone you know? If so, please, drop me an email or post a comment. I’d love to get to talk to you, and maybe even share your story here on the blog. I’m especially looking to connect with such people who are here in Singapore, but even if you’re not, feel free to contact me, I’d love to get to know you.