Connecting with others

Apr 22, 2008

So Skype has added unlimited land-line calls to Europe and Asia.

From a selfish standpoint, being in Singapore, this is great news. And hopefully it’s going to make it easier for you to reach me (my number’s on my sidebar if you want to talk to me – I’m always glad to have a conversation with my readers).

But there is a bigger point to all of this. There’s great value in surrounding yourself with the right people – people who inspire you and make you better. And developments like this make it easier to meet these sort of people.

No matter what you’re interested in, there are bound to be like minded people. There are lots of interesting, intelligent, inspiring, creative people out there.

And it’s now so easy to meet them. The barriers are being removed. Distance is no longer a barrier. To an extent, expertise isn’t a barrier anymore (if a 17 year old kid like me can have conversations with an award winning marketer like Mitch Joel, how much of a barrier can expertise be?).

How are you making the most of today’s technology to interact with inspiring people?

Photo: Meeting new people by Random Shennanigans