We All Have Something Valuable to Say…

Sep 6, 2008

I really believe that – that everyone has something valuable to say, and something to contribute on at least some topics. And I love how the web provides a means for us to be heard. Especially in recent times, it’s so easy to step up and have your say on any topic.

You can start a blog, or create a Squidoo lens, for example. You can edit Wikipedia. You can Twitter, or comment on blogs. It’s now so easy to make a contribution and have your voice heard online.

Now, thanks to a Help A Reporter (a free service by Peter Shankman), that ability to have your voice heard is stretching to print

The playing field is being leveled, and we’re all being given more and more opportunities to show our expertise, and let our voice be heard.

The platforms are there – and increasing. Are you making use of them?

Thanks to Seth Godin for pointing out the service.

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