Providing Better Performance Isn’t Enough

Jun 20, 2008

Seth Godin posted some thoughts on the Amazon Kindle. Great ideas, as always, from him.

Here’s the part of the post that really struck me, though.

Word processing didn’t work because it was typing but a little
cheaper. It worked because it was better than typing. Email didn’t work
because it was mail but a little faster. It worked because it was
fundamentally better than snail mail…

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It’s not about improving performance. Just an improved performance will not be enough to make people want to use your product.

It’s about making something that’s fundamentally different. Something that’s better, that redefines what the task is. As Guy Kawasaki puts it, it’s about jumping to the next curve.

Merely providing better performance isn’t enough.

Could this be the Future of Communications?

Jun 1, 2008

Have you seen this? If you haven’t, you really should. Amazing new technology, shown of by Cisco. It allows live holographic projections of real people.

Imagine the possibilities, especially if this gets viable enough to be used in homes. Imagine going away for 4 years for college, and still being able to interact and see your loved ones, live and in full 3d.

Technology like this makes me wonder what the world will be like in 15 years – when I’m out in the working world.

Oh, and to Guy Kawasaki, no you’re not the last person to have seen this. Apparently I am. But thanks for sharing it anyway.