Your Caricature

Nov 27, 2007

The Guardian reports a study which shows that police would be better off using caricatures of suspects rather than standard, more accurate sketches.

Caricatures emphasize the unique traits of the person, and thus make the drawing more memorable, in my opinion. And we should apply that to ourselves as well. As you develop your personal brand, keep in mind that you’re better off emphasizing what makes you unique.

37signals puts it quite well in their post. “A photorealistic sketch is an exercise in accuracy, but an exaggerated caricature is an exercise in identity.” And your identity is what you will be remembered for, it’s who you’ll be remembered as. People aren’t going to remember every little part of you. They’ll remember the significant, exceptional parts of who you are. And given that, I would think that it’s in your best interest to emphasize that.

What would your personal brand’s caricature be like? And how can you focus and build on that?

Link via Seth’s Blog: The caricature of your brand ; picture via Cindy’s Caricature on Flickr