What Happens After They’ve Come?

Jul 6, 2008

Stowe Boyd has a really good post on what new social applications have to do.

clipped from www.stoweboyd.com

So, my New Social App, open the door, invite me in, and tell me up front what you can do for me. But don’t forget to serve drinks and give me a friendly tour. If all you want is registered guests at your party, I’ll be there like every other edgling that gets an invite. But if you want more than zombies standing in the corner dribbling ice cream, make sure I know why your ice cream’s the best, show me the ropes, and make sure I’ve got a personal reason to stay and love you.

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It’s a very important point that we often miss. And again, it’s a lesson that stretches beyond just social applications.

It’s not just about getting new people in – new customers for your product, new readers for your blog, etc. What you do after they’ve entered the door is just as – if not more – important.