It’s not (just) about providing good content

May 16, 2008
Author Seth Godin at PDF 2007Image via Wikipedia

I haven’t done these short posts – that mainly reiterate what someone else has said – in a while. But I figured, this was a really important point worth making (Mitch, hope you don’t mind me ‘hijacking’ your post).

Mitch Joel (who you really should be reading, if you aren’t already) recently wrote about Seth Godin. It’s a really good post, worth reading. In it, he writes about Seth Godin’s speaking style.

After Seth’s keynote this morning, I reviewed the notes that I was taking (which, for the record, I do on my BlackBerry) and I had a huge realization. The notes had nothing to do with what he was saying and everything to do with a fistful of creative sparks that were inspired by what he was saying. Stuff I need to get doing… now.

That’s a great lesson.

It’s not just about providing good content – in your blogs, speeches, whatever. It’s about how you inspire people, what ideas you give.

How are you inspiring people through your conversations?