People Notice Change

Jun 4, 2008

As you might know by now, Google recently changed their favicon (the small, square image that appears in the browser, next to the url).

It’s a small image, just 16×16. But the change did cause a bit of a stir online, with a lot of blogs running the story and a couple of forum threads being started. It’s even spurred questions about whether Google was going to undergo a rebranding process.

I’m not going to speculate about any of this, but what I do want to point out is this. Even such a small scale change caused such a stir. Why? Yes, part of the reason is because of the size of Google. But I think it’s also because Google’s brand had been associated with the old icon (the capital ‘G’). People were used to that. And when it changed, people noticed – some praised and supported it, others criticized it.

Once you’re associated with something – a word, an image, an icon, even an attribute – no matter how small that “something” is, people will notice when you change it. It’s up to you to ensure that the change is met well.

How the Web Has Changed My Life

Mar 25, 2008

Chris Brogan recently blogged about how the web lets us do lots of stuff for ourselves.

I couldn’t agree more.

For me personally, the web’s allowed me to express myself. It’s given me a voice. It’s allowed me to learn things I would never have known otherwise.

Most importantly, it’s allowed me to connect with others. It’s given me the opportunity to meet and connect with really awesome people.

How about you? How has the web changed you?

Natural Selection

Feb 11, 2008

Natural selection is a constant process going on around us, in all species. As species evolve and adapt, the fittest ones survive, the weaker ones die off. It’s sad, yes. But it’s a part of the natural cycle of life. For adaptations to become universal – and effective – the weaker ones need to die off.

Sometimes, for progress to be made, the old things need to die off. Things that don’t work need to be cut off, and to an extent, thrown away. It hurts, it’s not always what we want. But that’s the way it is.