"Ha ha ha. Merry Christmas"

Nov 19, 2007

That’s what Santas in Australia are being asked to say.

Apparently, Westaff, the supplier of Santas, believe that the “Ho ho ho”s could be frightening to children, and also is possibly insulting to women. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. The rate at which phrases are being censored is amazingly stupid. At this rate, we’ll probably end up not being able to say anything at all in due time.

But what makes it even more ridiculous is the target of the censorship. Santa Claus. The powers that be can’t even leave Santa alone, it seems.

I’m glad, though that people are speaking out against it, and that some Santas are not going along with the policy (a couple quit because of it). After all, if even Santa can’t be himself, what about the rest of us?