Changing the World with Blogs

Nov 7, 2007

I know the last few posts of my blog have been a lot about technology and all, but don’t worry. This blog isn’t going to become a technology blog.

In October, held a Blogger Challenge. It’s basically a competition based on which blogs brought the most funds and donations to schools. With 100+ bloggers, it’s nowhere near as big as Blog Action Day was, but it’s still a great initaitive, I think. And Google reports that among the 100+ bloggers, $420,000 was raised, which will benefit more than 75,000 students.

100+ bloggers, $420,000, 75,000+ students. In one month.

That averages out to about $4,000 per blogger, benefiting about 7,000 students each. Who says blogging can’t be useful?

People can, and are, changing the world with their blogs.

How can you make a difference with whatever you are doing?