Free Will?

Feb 19, 2008

I’ve been subscribed to UC Berkeley’s social psychology podcast.

This, combined with a number of other things (like watching Numb3rs a lot) has got me thinking. And this is what interests me the most about the course.

And I’d like to throw the question out there. Do we really have free will?

Yes, we do have choices and all. But to an extent, aren’t there specific psychological and social adaptations in us that make us behave in a certain way? And aren’t our thoughts and feelings the result of neurons/chemical interactions in our brains?

Just questions I’d like to throw out. What are your thoughts?

Natural Selection

Feb 11, 2008

Natural selection is a constant process going on around us, in all species. As species evolve and adapt, the fittest ones survive, the weaker ones die off. It’s sad, yes. But it’s a part of the natural cycle of life. For adaptations to become universal – and effective – the weaker ones need to die off.

Sometimes, for progress to be made, the old things need to die off. Things that don’t work need to be cut off, and to an extent, thrown away. It hurts, it’s not always what we want. But that’s the way it is.