What I Would Like About Microsoft+Yahoo

Feb 3, 2008

The deal isn’t done yet, so I won’t comment too much. I’ll save more opinion for when/if the deal goes through. But at first glance, what I like about the possible acquisition is the integration possibilities.

Windows Live Messenger is very common here in Asia. From personal experience, it’s much more common than Yahoo Messenger, here in Singapore. Yahoo Messenger is one of the dominant IM services in America, if I’m not wrong. I don’t have fixed stats on these, but either way, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger are definitely two of the largest IM networks.

If Microsoft acquires Yahoo, it could be possible that these two service would be integrated more closely, possibly even merged to one service. That would make it a lot easier to keep in contact and all, wouldn’t it? It’s not the open system that a lot of us are hoping for, but it does more or less bring all your contacts into one place.

I know that would definitely make things easier for me. At the very least, it would provide more opportunities to connect with more people.

What are your thoughts on the possible acquisition?