This is part 4 of a series this week about Superheroes. Check out the previous parts of the series if you haven’t already read them:

Part 0: Be a Superhero
Part 1: Superhero 1 – Batman
Part 2: Superhero 2 – Spiderman
Part 3: Superhero 3 – The Green Lantern

What series on superheroes would be complete without talking about the most famous of them all – Superman? I’m personally not a big fan of him, but there’s still something we can learn from him.

And what I want to focus on his dual identities. In recent years, there’s been a lot of debate about which part of Superman is his real identity – Superman or Clark Kent. In the early part of the series, it was often assumed that Superman was the real identity, while Clark Kent was merely the disguise. After all, he was from Krypton. However, series like Smallville obviously portray Clark Kent as the real identity and Superman as just what he does.

I’m not going to participate in the debate, because I don’t follow Superman closely enough to know. But I think it’s interesting that over the years, his two identities have almost merged into one, to the point where audiences can’t really distinguish which is the real identity. And that’s something interesting we can learn.

Even as we try to be the superhero of our generation, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a human side. Or vice versa. Being human and being a superhero can be, and should be, intertwined in your personality. There shouldn’t be a clear separation. A superhero shouldn’t be just something you do, nor should it be your whole personality. You need a balance between the “superhero” side and the “human” side. Being a superhero should be a part of you, just like the “human” aspect is part of you.

I only have one lesson for today, but I think it’s an important one. So, a recap of what we’ve learned so far:

Lesson 1: You don’t need special skills to be a superhero, you just need to make the most of what you do have. (from Batman)

Lesson 2: Be sensitive to what is going on around you, and respond quickly.

Lesson 3: Make the world’s problems your problems, take personal responsibility for it. (from Spiderman)

Lesson 4: Willpower and imagination are crucial to success.

Lesson 5: Don’t avoid fear. Embrace it and learn to overcome it. (from the Green Lantern)

Lesson 6: Even as you be a superhero, be equally human. The two can, and should, coexist.