To round up my new weekend schedule (following the announcements of the Friday Flip-Through and Saturday Sharing sections) is the new Sunday Shortlist – yes, I have a thing for alliterative names. In the past, people have said that I find good links, and I personally enjoy sharing the interesting things that I read. But I also don’t want to clutter this blog too much with links that I can’t add that much to. So that’s what this section is going to be about. A shortlist of the best links I’ve found over the week. Enjoy.

Soften Your Eyes and Study Ordinary Things Intently – HELLO, my name is Blog!

There’s so much we can learn from the world around, even from the ‘ordinary’ things that we normally don’t notice. Scott Ginsberg gives us 2 articles with good reasons why we should, and some tips on how to notice these ordinary things.

Children of Overbearing, High Stress Parents Hit Singles and Doubles – Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Not a statistical study by any means of imagination, but still a good article. Being an Asian, I completely agree with what he says. And that’s precisely why I don’t really fit in with the Asian culture. I don’t want to settle for just being better than average. I want to make history.

I Am Imperfect!

Interesting (some may say weird) blog, but it serves its purpose well, and has a great message. We’re all imperfect in one way or another, and Obreahny O’Brien shares and celebrates those imperfections. A great encouragement for all of us to love ourselves just how we are. Link via Boinkology.

9-year old suspended for ‘hate crime’ – The Arizona Republic

Really ridiculous situation. And really goes to show how oversensitive we’ve become. Link via Hoovaloo.

Passion lessons from an amoeba – The M.A.P Maker

Curt Rosengren encourages us to find the path that fits us, inspired by a comment about amoebas.

If you’ve come across an interesting page/site that you want to share, feel free to email me or add a comment, and I’ll be glad to include it.