Here’s the first Sunday Shortlist of 2008.

Web-based Ways To Make A Difference – TEDBlog

A good collection of links from the folks at TED. Web tools to help you make a difference in 2008, and make the new year count.

The World Question Center 2008 – Edge

Even the greatest thinkers change their minds at times. Edge asks some of the brightest minds of today what they’ve changed their minds about in 2007. A good collection of thoughts, that will no doubt get you thinking as well.

Creation Based Thinking – Steli Efti: The Supercool Principal

A short post, just two quotes and a joke, but something that we should all think about. As 2008 starts, it’s a great encouragement to create our own future.

Is School Wasting Your Money
– Scott H Young

Scott H Young asks the question of whether school is wasting your money. A good comparison of formal education and self-learning.

The Rise of Comic Book Education – Kevin Carroll Katalyst Blog

I love seeing new developments and innovations in education, and this is one of them. Great to see education opening up to new ideas.

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