Steven Aitchison posts a video of Steve Jobs’ speech to the Stanford graduates in 2005. It’s a video/speech you might have heard before, but I think it’s a great speech and worth taking a look at (again, if you’ve seen it before). Steve Jobs is a really inspiring figure, and a real innovator, willing risks and step out and do things nobody else does. Someone who we can all learn a lot from, I think. I think Steven Aitchison says it really well.

Steve Jobs is an inspirational person to me and is one of those people you never tire rooting for. I find all successful people fascinating and believe there is a lot that can be learned form them. People like Steve offer an alternative view of life and lets me ask questions of my life, of life itself. In an indirect way it changes my life as the questions i ask are invariably better questions, which receive quality answers.

Enjoy the video

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