Product Dose gives us tips on how to spot a fake Rolex.

I’ve never owned a Rolex, but it’s an interesting read. A lot of the points revolve around precision and the small details. One thing about the article that strikes me. No matter how hard you try to fake something, there are always ways to spot a fake. It’s practically impossible to make a fake as good as the original.

The same concept goes for our lives. So many times we aspire to be like someone else, a celebrity or a Forbes CEO or even a close and highly respected friend. And while it’s good to take inspiration from these people, we shouldn’t try to just copy them. No matter what we do, it’s almost impossible to truly be like someone else. We’ll almost always miss out the small details, and the details are what makes the person.

To quote Steve Jobs, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

What about you? Are you trying to live someone else’s life?