Reading the conversations Jeff Pulver’s Social Media breakfasts have generated lately (such as this article in Fortune) inspired me to try doing it in Singapore. Daryl Tay was willing to take up the challenge of helping to organize it.

So, we’re planning to have a Social Media Breakfast in Singapore. It’s basically going to be a gathering of people who are interested in social media – business, social or otherwise. And you’re all invited!

It’s tentatively going to be on 29 March, and in the SMU area (which is quite central).

There are two simple rules to the event: Firstly, everyone is equal. And secondly, if you feel like you’re not able to gain/contribute effectively to a conversation, you are free to walk away from it and find a new one.

We’ll be doing using something like Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Networking toolkit. I’ll let him explain what that is.

More details will be available soon, and you can read Daryl’s post on it as well. I think Daryl has also created a Facebook event, so you can get details from there. [update: The Facebook event is up, so check it out here. And remember to invite all your friends!]

If any of you are from Singapore (or will happen to be in Singapore) and are interested in going, drop me a line and let me know. And if any of you are willing to sponsor or help in any way, all help is appreciated.

Hope to see you guys there!