Chris Brogan has started a Social Media 100 series. It’s a series of 100 posts, where he’ll share his thoughts on how to use social media effectively. It’s going to be great, so head over to [] and check it out.

You guys may have noticed that lately I’ve been writing a lot more about social media – stuff like Twitter, Social networks, etc. It’s partly because I’m personally getting really involved in that at the moment. But it’s also something that I think we can all gain from. Social media is a great way to express yourself. It’s a great way to share your thoughts and opinions. And more than that, it’s a great way to build a community.

Those are things that Sui Generis has always been about. Letting your true colors shine through. Expressing yourself. Connecting with others (like-minded and otherwise) . And that the combination of those will enable you to make an impact on society.

Social media is great for that. And that’s why I’ve been writing so much about it, and encouraging you guys to participate.

And on that topic, what tools are you using to help connect with others and build community?