Peter Haslam tells us that we should accept change. He compares not embracing change to being asleep.

When we resist change to this degree then something sleeps within us. We might even restrict thinking about or paying attention to anything that might lead to change. We are frozen in our growth and all of the joy available in life is lost. We are in the twilight zone.

We can sleep while life passes us by or decide to accept change as an essential part of living. As always the choice is ours to make. Do we sleep or do we live.

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I think it’s a really good train of thought, but I’d like to push it one step further (Peter: I hope you don’t mind). More than just the question of “do we sleep or do we live”, I would like to ask, what do you do when you’re awake? Are you just lazing around or are you doing something actively useful? I would much prefer the latter. And if resisting change is “sleeping” and accepting change is “being awake”, I would think that initiating change is “being actively awake”. Just as Peter says, the choice is yours to make. Do you sleep, do you live awake (but lazing around), or are you actively awake?

Jeff Pulver tells us to be a disruptor, to innovate and change the status quo. I think it’s a great suggestion. What can you do to disrupt and change the status quo today?