Most of this was mentioned in my podcast at the start of this week, but thought I should mention it here, for those of you who don’t listen to my podcast.

I’ve made some changes to the sidebar of my blog. There is now a new subscription section, where you can subscribe to all the posts via RSS or Email, and a new option which allows you to subscribe to the podcast only, via RSS (with encloures).

I also added a Wijit, a widget that basically aggregates all my content online, and allows you to search through it. This includes my links, and my Twitter feed, among others. If you like what I have to say here, you’re welcome to check out my other content, and connect with me on any of the networks.

There’s also a new “Recent Comments” section, to make it easier (I hope) for you guys to track and join the conversations on this blog. And finally, I have just licensed this blog under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. So you’re free to make use of the content here in any non-commerical way, as long as you provide a link back. =).