Mcphee has released a Seth Godin action figure! Complete with mismatched socks and purple tie.

From Mcphee’s site:

Imagine having your own personal marketing guru you can go to for advice and guidance. You could pay millions of dollars for consultants, but why not just get the Marketing Guru Action Figure? Marketing genius and famous blogger Seth Godin serves as the model for this 5.375″ plastic action figure with his trademark mismatched socks and business casual clothes. Each figure comes with a free gift and the Little Book of Marketing Secrets. It’s rumored that if you want an insight into what your customers want and how they’d like to be communicated with, you can rub Seth’s bald head and all will be made clear.

Really well written copy, in my opinion.

One thing about this, I think it really speaks to Seth’s personal brand, and how strong a personal brand can be. He’s not a rock star or anything. He’s a marketer. But his personal brand is so strong that there’s an action figure made after him.

Anyone willing to buy one for me?

Thanks to Mitch Joel for pointing this out.