There are stories that natives who had never seen a sailing ship did not see the ship when it was approaching them. It was not until an elder of the tribe saw and pointed them out that the rest saw the ships.

There was a scientific expedition which presented photographs to a tribe that had never seen one before and they could not see the photo. To them it was just paper.

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Peter Haslam’s view on these accounts is that we should be more tolerant to other viewpoints before dismissing it.

A good point, but I have something slightly different to say.

I find it really striking that the people could not see what they did not know. Most of us struggle with something similar, in my opinion. We only see what we know. I’m not talking about the concrete here, but in terms of visions/dreams or ideas and opportunities. Could it be that we tend to fail to see the things we don’t know? And that that is what limits us from trying something new? Maybe.

How do you overcome that? Expose yourself to ideas. Hang out with visionaries. When the elders pointed out the ship to the rest of the tribe, they managed to see the ships. Surround yourself with people that can see opportunities and ideas. People who are visionary. You might learn to see new things as well.