Was thinking about Netvibes and iGoogle and the like. “Personal start pages”, if you will. These services allow you to set up a page and read numerous feeds and email, etc, from one page. Sort of a way to organize surfing, if you will.

But most of us don’t have just one fixed collection of things we do/want to see when we go online, do we? We have schedules. Some of us wouldn’t want to see our work email on weekends, for example. Or comics if we’re accessing during work hours (when we’re likely in the office).

How hard would it be to build in a scheduler for these personal start pages? I think it would be quite useful. A optional setting for when you add a new feed to the page, to select certain time periods when it will show, and when it will not. By day, or even by hour/time if you want to be anal about it. But it should be possible. And not particularly hard to do.

What do you guys think? Decent/interesting idea? Would it be useful for you? Or do you think I’m way off the mark?

Oh, and if you think it’d be an interesting/useful service, and would like to help create something like that (which I intend to try doing), drop me a line. I’d love all the help I can get.