Based on their research, when employees were not decked up in suits and ties, the air-conditioning does not need to be turned up as high as before. ENI believes that it can save up to 9% of energy consumption and the equivalent in carbon dioxide emission by just increasing the thermostat temperature by one degree centigrade. Without the jackets and ties, an increase in one degree would be a very comfortable temperature. So are you ready for the figures?

ENI calculated that with this policy, it can save up to 217,000 kWh while cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 126 tonnes, apparently the equivalent of 140 of its employees taking public transport to work for a year rather than their cars. While not be an environmentalist, these seems pretty significant figures.

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Most people, when they think about saving the environment, think of doing something really big. Sometimes it’s better to start small. Starting with what’s around you and doing what you can about that is often quite significant.

And above that, it will probably bring other side benefits to the company as well, such as a less constrained/uptight environment.