Karl Moore has an interesting take on the Theory of Relativity.

Yes, I know all the physicists are probably cringing now. But, I think it’s an important thing we should take note of. There are 2 applications of this.

The first thing is what Karl mentioned. To be open to other people’s views.

Secondly, sometimes others might not understand what you’re doing. Don’t let it affect your actions. Go with what you believe. One effect of relativity is time dilation, “the increase in the time between two events as measured by an observer who is outside of the reference frame in which the events take place” (definition from About.com). If you’re not moving, you won’t see progress around you as easily. Sometimes to see progress, to be visionary, you need to take a step forward. It’s recursive, in my opinion. The more you’re moving forward, the more you’ll be able to see progress, the faster you’ll move.

Take that step forward today. You’ll start seeing things in a different light. You’ll see new innovations more often, and you’ll have more ideas as well.

How can you move forward today?