In accordance with the upcoming “Buy a Friend a Book Week” I mentioned yesterday, here are 4 books (non-fiction) that I think are really good.

On a related note, there is now a new section in the sidebar for my recommended books (currently these 4). It’s been something I’ve been considering for a while. The format/appearance of the section might be changed, and the titles featured might change depending on other books that I read. But the basic idea is there. It’ll be a section of books that I recommend.

There will be no automatic computer-generated ads. These are handpicked books that I’ve read (and likely mentioned on previous posts), related to topics I blog about, and that I think are really good. You don’t have to buy from my blog if you don’t want to, they are just books that I think you should read.

[edit and add-on] The list on books will probably stay at 4, or maybe go to 6, depending on the layout and how I think it looks, and the list will be changed every so often. Probably every month or so. Based on the books I read. Personally, this will give me more incentive to read more books as well. [end edit]

Sarah Deutsch recommended The Imagineering Way, which I’ll try to get a hold of. And well, I think you should too – I trust Sarah’s recommendations. And if/when you buy it, buy it from her Squidoo lens, yeah? Her cause deserves the support. Besides, it’s a good Squidoo lens with other good resources mentioned as well, so it’ll be worth the visit.

Any other books you guys can recommend for me?