A list of resources I think you should check out. If you have anything to add, just drop me a line, and I’d be glad to include it.


  • Seth Godin – Don’t need to say much about him. Awesome ideas and great thoughts everyday. The inspiration behind me starting a blog in the first place.
  • Chris Brogan – “A conversation with a community about digital relationships.” Really cool guy, with good intelligent thoughts. And doing great stuff to build a community.
  • The Katalyst Blog – Kevin Carroll has a great message about passion and play. It’s a message that everyone, including myself, could learn a lot from.
  • Personal Branding Blog – Personal Branding is valuable for everyone. And Dan Schawbel hosts a blog with really good information and tips on how to manage that personal brand.
  • Middle Zone Musings – “Middle Zone Musings is a comfortable place to stop, have a cup of coffee and exchange ideas, big or small, with applications in the real world.” Some really good exchanges going on there.


  • Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel’s got some great thoughts on digital marketing, personal branding, and networking. Also check out his blog (didn’t place it in the above list to avoid duplication)
  • Marketing over Coffee – Literally what the title says. Two guys having coffee and talking about marketing. A fun, but insightful take on what’s going on in the marketing arena.
  • Managing the Gray – C.C. Chapman asks some really good questions, and keeps you up to date on everything about social media
  • Nerd News Radio – Kabren is a teen podcaster. It’s great to see someone else of my age doing stuff like this, and he shares interesting news items on his podcast

For my recommended books, check out my aStore.

Other Links

  • Free-Range Drama Farm – A really cool project, run by a really awesome and inspiring person (Sarah Deutsch). Even if you’re not into drama, you should check it out and support it. Great ideas on education.
  • Project Friendmarked – Nice to see someone using the web to help build existing friendships, and to show proper appreciation to friends. Free, simple, but nice way to thank a friend
  • TED – Don’t really need to say much about TED. “Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers.” Some of the best and most inspiring videos you can find.