I’ve been watching a lot of old Arsenal DVDs, including the season review of the unbeaten season. That was an amazing team; they had such elegance and flair. But while watching the highlights of those matches, I noticed something. So many of their goals came from rebounded shots.

The same can be said of the current NBA champsions, the LA Lakers. When they’re at the best, they get plenty of offensive rebounds and second-chance points. That’s one of their biggest strengths, their rebounding. And it’s so important – last year’s NBA Finals were pretty much won on rebounds. As Basketballogy writes, “Champions rebound“.

I think the principle applies in most of life, actually. It’s often not about the first attempt. Often times, if you take a first shot at something, you’ll fail. That’s just how life is. The differentiating factor is whether you can keep your head up and follow up that miss.

Every time you feel like you missed an opportunity, you really haven’t. You’ve just given yourself a chance for another – it’s just a question of whether you take it.

The question then is: How do you put yourself in the best position to capitalize and build off mistakes/”missed” opportunities?

Photo by Malkav